Saturday , June 23rd 2018
    Science Fair Projects
4M Electric Dragster

4M Electric

Re-cycle, re-use, re-imagine: build an electric race car using everyday household parts with the 4M Electric Dragster. Designed at…

Price: 33.91
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Fascinations AstroBlaster


This multiple collision accelerator works like a real super nova. Top ball BLASTS-OFF to over 5 times the height…

Smithsonian Motor Works

Smithsonian Motor

For the child who loves cars and trucks, this comprehensive kit includes everything needed to build a working engine.Product…

Price: 44.95
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4M Animation Praxinoscope

4M Animation

Teach children about the fundamentals of animation and create fantastic moving pictures with the 4M Animation Praxinoscope. Build a…

Price: 11.99
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A great new science kit from Pathfinders that uses hydraulics to throw projectiles in three different ways! (Soft clay…

Price: 31.94
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