Sunday , May 20th 2018
    Science Fair Projects
4M Kitchen Science Kit

4M Kitchen Science

Convert your kitchen into a science lab with the 4M Kitchen Science Kit. Perform six different science experiments using…

Price: 9.97
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4M Crystal Mining Kit

4M Crystal Mining

Explore the wonders of geology with the 4M Crystal Mining Kit. This educational kit allows young mineral hunters to…

Price: 10.99
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4M Bubble Science

4M Bubble

Explore the wobbly science of bubble making with the 4M Bubble Science Kit. The experiments in this kit include…

Price: 10.5
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4M Enviro Battery

4M Enviro

Learn about the wonders of green energy with the 4M Enviro Battery. Light up an LED bulb or sound…

Price: 8.97
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4M Volcano Making Kit

4M Volcano Making

Teach children about the awesome power of volcanoes with the 4M Volcano Making Kit. The Volcano Making Kit is…

Price: 11.01
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4M Weather Science Kit

4M Weather Science

The 4M Weather Science Kit makes learning about weather fun and exciting. These exciting activities will help you understand…

Price: 11.05
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